Introducing Yahara in situ

Post by Jenny Seifert

Strengthening the research-public nexus is a growing pursuit within academia. Yahara in situ is a new pixel within this larger picture.

Yahara in situ is maintained by the research team of UW-Madison’s Water Sustainability and Climate Project (WSC). Funded by the National Science Foundation, WSC is a five-year research initiative that aims to create a better understanding of how the benefits people derive from nature, or ecosystem services, could change over time. Check out our website to learn more about what we’re doing.

WSC’s research is focused on Wisconsin’s Yahara Watershed, a vibrant part of southern Wisconsin where agriculture and urban life coexist. (We’re the little red blob within the Mississippi River Drainage Basin in the map below). The watershed is home to the state capital, the UW-Madison, 370,000 people, 170,000 acres of productive farmland, and four iconic lakes: Mendota, Monona, Waubesa, and Kegonsa. Since our research is very place-based, we are doing things “in situ.”


The Mississippi River Drainage Basin. The Yahara Watershed is in red.

We decided to enter the blogosphere to create an accessible space for communicating our research to a broader audience. Public engagement is an important part of our project, and we’re excited about our blogging venture.

Through this blog, you’ll learn about what our researchers are up to, what they are discovering, and how their research relates to larger regional issues. We’ll even throw in some pretty pictures we’ve taken around the watershed.

The blog is a collective effort among our team of over a dozen researchers. So you will hear many voices on this forum. We hope what we have to say will enrich your understanding of and curiosity about the lakes, ecosystems, and people of the Yahara Watershed.


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