1 City, 25,000 Geoscientists

Post by Sam Zipper

Each December, many from the world’s geoscience community converge in San Francisco for a week of presentations, discussions, and a few beers. With almost 25,000 attendees this year, the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union once again proved to be productive for members of the WSC team. Though the scale of the meeting can be overwhelming (talks and posters are spread through two football-stadium-sized buildings totaling almost 1,000,000 sq ft), the sheer quantity of attendees makes it almost certain that you’ll come across someone working on something similar. These one-on-one interactions within a sea of scientists can often be the fodder for future collaborations.

Sam Zipper stands by his poster, always at the ready for scientific inquiries

Sam Zipper stands by his poster, always at the ready for scientific inquiries

This year, three WSC graduate students gave poster presentations at the meeting:

-Jason Schatz, titled ‘Seasonality of the urban heat island effect: Patterns & drivers

-Melissa Motew, titled ‘Factors affecting P loads to surface waters: Comparing the roles of precipitation and land management practices

-Sam Zipper, titled ‘Mapping subfield-scale evapotranspiration to assess agricultural drought sensitivity

One of our post-docs, Xi Chen, also gave a presentation about the research he carried out for his dissertation, and many of our faculty and scientific staff were co-authors on various other studies.


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