Lakes, Cheese, and You: A Visual Essay

How are you connected to the soil phosphorus legacy in the Yahara watershed? Here’s a hint: do you eat pizza?

The soil phosphorus legacy is the accumulation of the nutrient phosphorus in our soils over the past century and a half, primarily from agricultural activity. As a result of this buildup, the excess phosphorus leaks into our lakes, making it harder to improve their water quality, even despite ongoing efforts to prevent nutrient runoff. Stopping the buildup and balancing the soil phosphorus budget will be critical for achieving clean lakes.

Reading that paragraph, it might not be clear how the “average person” fits into the equation – what can you do to help reduce soil phosphorus if you aren’t a farmer, land manager, policymaker or scientist? This is what we sought to answer through this visual essay, which are are excited to share as one of our project’s last outreach products.

There are solutions we all can be part of to build a future with clean lakes, thriving agriculture and resilient communities. Click the pizza image to learn more.


Photo by Carissa Gan on Unsplash



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