About this blog

in situ / in ˈsīto͞oˈ/ adjective or adverb : in its natural place

Yahara in situ is the blog of the Water Sustainability and Climate project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is a collection of research updates, reflections, and images from the project’s diverse team of scientists. It is about Wisconsin’s Yahara Watershed, a place that is both unique and representative of the Upper Midwest.

The Water Sustainability and Climate project (WSC) is an endeavor to understand how water and the benefits people derive from nature could change over time. The five-year, place-based research project is funded by the National Science Foundation.

WSC’s research is focused on the Yahara Watershed, a vibrant part of southern Wisconsin, where agriculture and urban life co-exist. The region is home to roughly 370,000 people, the state capital, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and 170,000 acres of some of the United States’ most productive farmland. The complex interactions between the Yahara’s people, land, water, and climate present an array of challenges for its communities and the numerous natural conditions important to their well-being.

The WSC project team aims to inform the effort to address these challenges and keep the watershed a resilient place to live, work, and play. Since our research is place-based, we are doing things “in situ”–hence, this blog’s name.

This blog is part of our effort to make our exciting research accessible to a broader audience and to connect it with life in the Yahara Watershed.

Any opinions expressed in this blog are that of only the author, not of the WSC project, of the UW-Madison, or of NSF.

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